An army without culture is a dull-witted army,
and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy.
- Mao Tse-tung

@tilamsik is the revolutionary cultural website of the province of Camarines Norte in the Bicol Region, Philippines. It is the digital version of TILAMSIK ng Dakilang Apoy (Spark of the Great Fire), the revolutionary cultural journal of Camarines Norte.

On December 2014, the first issue of TILAMSIK ng Dakilang Apoy (SPARK of the great fire) was published as the cultural journal of the Armando Catapia Command of the New People's Army in Camarines Norte. The journal served as a vessel for the works created by Party members, red fighters of the New People's Army and members of the mass organizations in the guerilla fronts in their continuing perseverance in various tasks in advancing the revolution.  Selected works from the experiences of other provinces were also published.

To reach the broad masses, @tilamsik was created.  Like the journal, the concrete situation, efforts and political awareness of the revolutionary forces in Camarines Norte are mirrored hereWorks published in the journal, as well as unpublished works, will be showcased. @tilamsik also accepts contributions from readers. Each work is open for popularization and criticism.

@tilamsik contains the following categories:

MGA ISYU NG DYORNAL (Journal Issues)

Works from published issues of the cultural journal TILAMSIK;

MGA OBRA (Artworks)
Works categorized according to form (Panitikan/Literature, Awit/Song, Sining Biswal/Visual Arts) and Bidyo/Video);

Some pictures of the everyday life of the revolutionary army;
MGA AMBAG (Contributions)
Submited works from readers of @tilamsik;

AKLATAN (Library)
Some articles on revolutionary cultural work.

Revolutionary Mass Criticism

As part of cultural work, comments, suggestions and criticism are encouraged in order to improve @tilamsik and the works published here.

In revolutionary criticism of works, there are two criteria: the political and the artistic.  The political criterion refers to the precise depiction of revolutionary politics: do the works mirror the revolutionary principles, policies and standpoint? Do these mirror the concrete experience and struggle of the masses?  Are the works in the interest of the masses and the revolution?  The artistic criterion refers to the aesthetics or degree of skill in art and literature; are the works and design of @tilamsik comprehensible, beautiful and appropriate?  As a whole, what is the effect of @tilamsik?

We encourage all red fighters, activists and friends of the revolution to contribute their artworks.  It is advisable to practice collective revolutionary criticism for these works; this is akin to the practice of criticism and self-criticism -- principled, comradely  and constructive.

In publishing, these works may be edited for clarity.  The editorial board will strive to publish all submitted works.

We are also open to financial and material donations in order to improve the popularization and raising of standards of revolutionary art and literature.

For other contributions, suggestions and other messages:

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We will send an e-mail if contributed works have been received.

For lengthy literary works or visual art, you may also email us at ambagtilamsik@protonmail.com.  You may use an alias or pen name for your submissions@tilamsik will not reveal the e-mail addresses of contributors.

(Tip: You may also create a temporary e-mail address, such as protonmail.com, openmailbox.org, mail.com, gmx.com  and others for your submissions.  Kindly wait for confirmation if your contribution has been received.

  For those using a proxy IP address or VPN, kindly email your contributions.)

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